Friday, May 18, 2007

Paris Update

The Fashion Economist is now reporting from Paris, where the weather is warm and fashion is cool. Parisians really know how to dress. Thus, sitting on a sidewalk café watching people passing by is an ideal way to be inspired.
Each borrough has its own style, ranging from the classic uptown chic to the casual cool - and everything in between. Most frequently observed might perhaps be oversized tops/tunics with leggings and ballerinas for girls, and faded black slimfit jeans and bomber jackets in leather for boys.
Other oberved trends are: beige trench coats (a true classic!), designer "it" bags and the LV "Speedy", and cropped jackets.
It might sound ordinary, but somehow the French manage to look undenably trendy in a "too-cool to -care-way". After all, we are in Paris - la cité de la mode.


Ellen SB said...

Hei! Ha det fantastisk i Paris. Hvis du fortsatt er der kan jeg anbefale en romantisk tur med din kjære i parken butte chaumont.

Var der første gang forrige gang jeg var i Paris! Det er virkelig det mest romantiske jeg har vært borti. Og jeg er egentlig anti-romantiker.

Guess said...

Bonjour T.F.E.!!
Are you back in Norway?
Hope you enjoyed le week-end in Paris! Maybe the last one for a while now...?!
See u soon! xxx

ps! Love your blog. So stylish!

The Fashion Economist said...

Hei Ellen! Kom tilbake i dag. Blir virkelig aldri lei av Paris, alså...;) Hm... den parken må jeg ha tilgode til neste gang. Hørtes ikke dum ut!

Guess: Thanks;-) Yes, I guess this was the last Paris escape this year...