Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Executive Summary of 2011

Halfway into the first month of 2012 it's about time for a recap of the year that just went into history.

I jumpstarted the year with a trip to Paris with the girls. Good times!
Outfit details:
Top: H&M. Shorts: Cubus. Ring: Forever21. Silk wrap: By Marlene Birger. Handbag: Alexander Wang.

 With an extremely cold Norwegian winter it felt like a relief to wear my favorite Tommy Hilfiger trench and Jeffry Campbell oxfords.

February asked for masquerade, pomp and circumstance.

Outfit details:
Dress: Lanvin for H&M. Clucth: By Marlene Birger. Ring: YSL.
 ... and Brithday parties.
Outfit details:
Dress: ASOS. Belt: Vintage. Handbag: Chanel.
 Then came Spring and the world blossomed.

I started from occasionally to show my face on the blog.
Outfit details:
Dress with a cute bow detail at the neck: H&M. Favorite necklace by Otazu.

Countless days at the office.
Outfit details:
Blazer: H&M. Scarf: Bik Bok. Skirt: Forever21. Handbag: Miu Miu.

 Dressing up for my friend's birthday party in a new LWD and an old Mulberry that made its way back into the limelight.
Outfit details:
Dress: H&M. Blazer: Zara. Wedges: Nine West. Handbag: Mulberry (the style is called Ledbury)
 Hosting a dinner party.
Outfit details:
Top: H&M. Floral skirt: Gina Tricot. Head piece: Cubus. Belt: Sonia Rykiel pour H&M.
Finally Summer came along - with more occasions to celebrate.
Outfit details:
Silk dress: Bruuns Bazaar. Jacket: Topshop. Necklace: Otazu. Wedges: Nine West.
 And then it was time to pack the suitcase and travel far away for the summer holiday of 2011!

Fly me to the USA!
Started off by living large in Las Vegas.

Outfit details:
Top: Bik Bok. Shoes: Report. Skirt and handbag as before.
 Enjoying higher temperatures and flaunting my new Miu Miu shoes, a bargain from!
Outfit details:
Dress: Forever21. Platform sandals: Miu Miu.
 In the lobby of Trump Hotel - ready to seize the day!
Outfit details:
Shirt: Monki. Shorts: H&M. Sandals: Office. Sunnies: Tom Ford.
 The wind was warm and felt like a blow-dry.
Outfit details:
Dress: Lanvin for H&M.
How I miss this!
Had an eventful road trip cruising through the desert.

Outfit details:
Hat: Lindex. Shirt: Gap. Shorts: Levi's. Sandals: All Saints. Necklace: From somewhere in Spain.
 And explored smoking hot weather in charming Palm Springs.

 114 degrees in Joshua Tree National Park felt indeed hot like a desert!

Stunning view from the hotel balcony.

Doing laundry at the Laundromat...
 ... before hitting L.A.

Outfit details:
Dress: Gina Tricot. Necklace: Cecilie Melli.
 Shopping at Melrose

Discovered unbeatable street style at Muscle Beach, Venice.
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Then it was time for an ego rest at the wonderful Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

Outfit details:
Shirt: Hollister. Shorts: Levi's. The most comfortable shoes ever: Toms.

Found heaven on earth in Solana Beach

Outfit details:
Dress: Second hand from Wasteland L.A. Shoes: Report.
More sights for sore Torrey Pines Beach.

Outfit details:
Dress: Forever21. Handbag: Mulberry. Shoes: Toms.
Last day of the trip at Sunset. In the background you can see our hotel: Sunset Plaza.
Outfit details:
Top and feather earrings: Forever21. Jeans: Levi's. Sandals: All Saints. Clutch: By Marlene Birger. Watch: Marc By Marc Jacobs.
A few weeks later I was off to Paris for an entire week.

Just me and the city.

Outfit details:
Shirt: Hollister. Dress: Forever21. Shoes: Converse.
 Went amok in the vintage boutiques.
Outfit details:
 Necklace: Designers Remix Collection. Leather sweater: Vintage. Shorts: Levi's. Platform sandals: Miu Miu.

Outfit details:
Dress: Secondhand. Handbag: Miu Miu.
Bought the Balenciaga bag...

..that's been hanging on my shoulder ever since.

Had a fabulous time with my friends!
 Balancing seriously high heels along the streets of Paris.
 Hanging in Jardin des Tuileries wearing the the French uniform look: Stripes.
 Dressing up for a night on the town.

Then it was back to work.
Outfit details:
Scarf: Mulberry. Shirt: Second hand from L.A. Pants: Zara.
 Celebrating three years anniversary at Grefsenkollen Restaurant - the meal of the year!
Top: H&M. Skirt: Forever21. Necklace: Lanvin for H&M.
 Attending my cousin's wedding.
 More outfits
Outfit details:
Leather jacket: All Saints. Jeans: Reiss.
 Got a new favorite skirt from H&M.

Shoes: Eden Shoes

Invested in my first pair of chinos from G Star.

Then came October and I went off to Munich to attend my first real Oktoberfest!

Feeling the Autumn chill in Oslo.

 Bringing on the wool

Bought a smoking jacket from H&M.

And finished off the year with a perfect Christmas holiday.

Puh! This must have been my longest blog post ever! Hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for more highlights in 2012.



Anonymous said...

Wow! Sa fine bilder! Min favoritt er med hvit skjorte og höööye häler i Paris! Klem kath.

fashionballerina said...

Veldig bra år!! Liker spesielt godt bildene fra Usa. Skikkelig fint bakteppe til alle de stilige antrekkene. <3 den røde Lanvin kjolen

The Fashion Economist said...

Tusen takk dere:) Det er nå sånn at feriebilder alltid blir best, hehe!

purses & pugs said...

Utrolig mange kule bilder! Liker stilen din - laidback, feminin og litt rocka. Og Balenciaga-vesken er super fresh!!

The Fashion Economist said...

Tusen takk, fining! Du aner ikke hvor fornøyd jeg er med Bal'en. Har hengt på armen min daglig siden det ble oss to:)

Duck said...

Wow that's seriously a lot of outfits to take in all at once! Such fun :)

Btw are you really an economist? I'm a scientist and it's always interesting to find other bloggers who don't work in "fashion"...

The Fashion Economist said...

Hi Duck! Yeah, I saved some outfits for this post:)
I am indeed an economist. I don't even work in fashion, although it is a rather compelling interest of mine...