Monday, October 10, 2011

My Wall Decoration Project

After staring on my empty wall for months, I am finally on a decorating roll! I have always been fascinated by walls dressed up by framed artwork in various sizes. Like these, for instance:
Photo found on Tumblr.
Photo found on Tumblr.
Finally, I got started on my own art project. This is how I carried it through:

Step one: Collect all of your frames that you intend to use and scatter them out on the floor. This makes it easier to get the expression of how it will look like on the wall. Focus on a shape (like a square or a circle) and place the frames as desired.

Step two: Clip out sketches equal to the size of each frame and keep some tape ready. The idea of this is to hang the sketches on the wall before actually hammering them up. Trust me, this will save you for any possible misplacing or extra holes in your wall.

Step three: Tape the sketches where you intend to place the actual frames. Feel free to move the sketches around until you're satisfied. Then it's time to use your hammer and measure! Start with the center frame and work your way out, one frame at a time.  

Voilà! My wall decoration is almost finished!  I plan on expanding it with more frames, but this is a good start. After all, the first frame is always the most difficult to place! Now, I will focus on selecting the images that will qualify for my personal "wall of fame".  (yes, I did actually start with the empty frames). I'm planning on mixing black/white images with quotes and beautiful images from the Internet or clips from magazines and the like. This is the fun part of it!

I will keep you updated on this ongoing project as the frames are getting filled.

Need more inspiration? Check out this blog post from the wonderful site Ideas to Steal.


Jms said...

En veldig god start! Du har jo mulighet til å fylle opp nedover hele trappa! Blir spennende å se hva som kommer inne i rammene etterhvert :)

The Fashion Economist said...

Ja, nå er det bare å bygge på med photos og annet fint dekor. Har registrert at Ahléns har noen fine kvadratiske rammer som kanskje kunne ha gjort seg:)