Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Weekend Diary

My boss' birthday required celebration. Carrot cake it is!

On my bike on my way home - Weekend on its way!

Cycling the 15 km route back and forth has its pros and cons. On a day like this: Mostly pros.

Reading interior decoration magazines. A bunch of them! Whenever I find something inspirational, I snap a picture of it to keep it in mind. I love the photo collage in this snapshot.

Another great idea that I will carry out as soon as I have a spare moment....

Time for vernissage! My talented mother in law, Turid Dørum, opened her first solo exhibition  at Døla Atelier in Lillehammer. I am so proud of her!

Family Dinner

Look how beautiful the sun reflects the interior!

Pit stop on our way home at Minne Gårdskafé in Minnesund (Trondheimsveien 597)

Loved the interior!

And their coffee menu! Just keep in mind that the service can be quite slow.  Obviously,  people in rural areas have all the time in the world... Fortunately, they have a bunch of magazines available to forget about the wait:)

Just like my grandparents' living room!

Industrial chic perfectly mixed with rural charm.
That was a glimpse of my weekend, that unfortunately is about to come to an end. That's how the story goes... See you next week!


Cinz said...

yum! det ser laekkert ud:) - the carrot cake, that is! lol

wow...great art work, talented mother in law indeed!

And gosh, i love Minne Gårdskafé, its soo cosy:) slow service? not surprised if it's country side,lol.

hope u had a superb weekend!


POLLIANI said...

love it

Camilla said...

Håper det kommer en ny "weekend diary", denne var så flott! Den typen bilder det er koselig å se på :D

The Fashion Economist said...

Cinz: The carrot cake was tasty indeed! Very sweet, though... I agree about the café. Despite the slowness (slow food may be their concept haha), it is very unique and charming.

Polliani: Thanks sweety!

Camilla: Tusen takk! Slike kommentarer gjør meg motivert for flere innlegg i rekken:) Ha en super helg videre!