Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The BEST nail polish remover

I simply cannot stop bragging about this genius product. Say goodbye to stinky cotton pads and inefficient nail polish removers that can be hard on your nails, too! Just dip your fingers into the foam for one minute and let the magic happen.

Sephora's express nail polish remover makes good on its promise in....



C'est magique! And best of all: It's without acetone or parabens and is gentle on the nails. It doesn't smell too bad, either. Love it!
I bought my bottle in Paris, but I'm pretty sure you can get hold of this little jar of magic in most Sephora outlets (although I couldn't find it online)


purses & pugs said...

Genius!! I hate regular, stinky nail polish removers so this is something I want to try ( if I'll be able to find it online)

jms said...

Vil ha vil ha!! Ser jo helt genialt ut :)