Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wedding Photo Diary

This weekend I attended my cousin's wedding. Despite the grey weather, it was a beautiful day! Here are some snapshots from the big event.

My outfit: Dress from Lanvin for H&M. Nude pumps from Steve Madden. And my dear Chanel handbag.


Cinz said...

Oh my, what a lovely and romantic looking wedding:D You're right, the weather looks a bit gloomy but there's something mysterious and romantic about that!:D

Btw, is the bride or the groom your cousin?????? The cake looks yummy:D

I love your Lanvin dress and that gorge Chanel bag. Btw, how did u manage to get tht Polaroid lookalike effect???? Did u use an iphone app? Unless it was really polaroid pics? lol...


The Fashion Economist said...

Thank you, sweety! You are right about the cake, haha! Yummy! To make the polaroid effect, simply download the free software from It's really fun and easy.