Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Histoires de Parfums

Look what Mr. Postman brought me today! Can't wait to tear open the envelope...

Voilà! On my recent trip to Paris I smelled this heavenly scent: 1804 by Histoires de Parfums. This was, however, after I had gone "somewhat bananas" at Balenciaga, so 130 euros for a bottle of the oh so sweet perfume was totally out of the question.

Well home I searched it up, though. And to my luck, samples were available at the official website of Histoires de Parfums - at just 10 euros for a set of six, shipping included! These are perfect to bring along in my purse, making sure I will always smell as glorious as Paris:)
The fragrance 1804, my favorite, is described as follows: For the George Sand's heiresses, a perfume reflecting her generosity and sensuality. An amber flower bouquet, warmed with heady spices and colored by sweet fruits.
Originality: Hawaiian, spicy pineapple.
Moods: sensual, cocoon, fruity perfume, well-defined, sensual.


Cinz said...

I've never heard of this perfume before and it sure is expensive! I'm using Chloe du parfum and i already think that is expensive! lol

But i should definitely check this baby out. Free shipping is attrative enough,hehe


The Fashion Economist said...

Hi Cinz!
The Chloé parfum smells good, but you should really check this one out. I love it! And when you do, tell me what you think!