Thursday, April 14, 2011

Conscious shopping vs. my own consciousness

Sustainable fashion. Yay or nay?
Today H&M launched its eco-friendly collection. Light textures, lace and dazzling silhouettes made Summer-craving Oslo girls go head over heals. At least a major part of the collection quickly sold out already on the premiere day.
I was not an exception. A one-shoulder dress in recycled polyester blend, a really comfortable powder colored dress, a lace top and a pair of cotton shorts all made its way home with me. Hm... and I was supposed to save money? I am afraid something has to be returned - to please my own consciousness. But which of them? Did you get anything?


Aloha said...

keep it all!! Ihvertfall den en-skulder kjolen :) og den søte shortsen. Alt var fint!

The Fashion Economist said...

Hehe! Det ble shortsen og en-skulder-kjolen som fikk bli. Veldig fornøyd! Nå venter jeg bare på at sommertemperaturene skal kicke inn:)