Monday, December 13, 2010

iPhone - youPhone...

...we all phone for iPhone!
Finally my iPhone is here. Now I am officially one of Steve Jobs' disciples. Oh well.


nissen said...


Anonymous said...

så fint å se ansiktet ditt på bloggen da! Ønsker deg en god jul og godt nytt år 2011! keep up the good work med bloggen. Klem Kathinka

Cinz said...

Happy New Year!!! Hope u had a great x'mas and NYE, and all the best to 2011!!!!

Been awhile since you've updated but hope to see some of your fab posts soon:)

Btw, i've nominated you for the stylish blogger award so pls do drop by and check it out! Plus u get to know a little bit more about me, if you're interested to know,hahaha.

Have a great weekend and stay warm! I know it must be freezin cold and snowin in Norway.