Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today's Outfit: Heart

Headpiece from Cubus

Outfit details:
Heart blouse: H&M (Divided). Jeans shorts: Cubus.

I'm not always as rational as I should be. Like today I was just sneaking into H&M before my spinning session. I browsed through the store, enjoying the calm weekday ambience... and then time passed by and I suddenly it was way too late to make the class. So instead of working out, I went shopping! This cute heart blouse, pink head piece and ripped jeans shorts all got to join me home.

There is always tomorrow, right?


Luciana Leal said...

I LOVE the blouse, too bad I dont have H&M here :(
I want one like yours....haha


The Fashion Economist said...

Oh no... Poor you. I don't think I could cope without H&M!:)

Luciana Leal said...

Since my first time into an H&M store my life changed..hahahaha
We have stores alike in Brazil, but this one...omg, i can´t find.

Moncler Giacche said...
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