Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday night: Julebord

Broke in the festive season with a night out with a bunch of friends. After eating lots of traditional seasonal food (Stick meat and lutefisk) at Østkantfolk, we spent the rest of the night dancing to 50's and 60's music at Olympen!

Mixing Chanel with budget? No problem. My bodycon lace dress from Cubus cost only 199,-, but paired with my sparkling necklace by Otazu and Chanel bag, no one could tell the price:)


Waiting for the bus...
Cashmere shawl by Acne and silk/wool mittens by Oleana (Norwegian design) help keeping the cold out.


Luciana Leal said...

I was talking about Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags with a friend.
I can´t afford it now, but it is on my wishlist...

Is snowing already in Norway? ^^ It is so cool..hehe

god jul said...

Herlige votter!! De er nok gode nå i kulden ;)

The Fashion Economist said...

Luciana: Chanel is an investment. Like a piece of art! We have a bit of snow, yes.. I don't know. I would SO swap our climate with yours:)

Julie: Vottene er gode og varme, så tusen takk, søs!