Thursday, November 11, 2010

Perfect brows!

Last night with the girls we were discussing eye brows. I mentioned that it would be cool to have mine done by THE eyebrow master: Fred Hamelten at Jan Thomas Studio. As eyebrows really frame the face, we all wanted to book in our appointments right away. Nevertheless, his year long wait list made us realize that the way to perfect brows could be long...
Amazingly, when I called Jan Thomas studio today another customer had just cancelled her appointment, making room for me right away! (or I could wait until the next available - december 2011)
I still can't believe my luck! I was really excited about his work. Could he actually turn my soft brows into the perfect diva look?! Despite his star studded client list, I admit I had my doubts.
However, after 50 minutes of threading, tweezing and filling, I just couldn't believe it! Fred Hamelten is indeed an artist, and I'm SO satisfied!
I will be back for sure - even if it means calling daily for cancellations...


Luciana Leal said...

Look great :)

The Fashion Economist said...

Thanks! It really made a difference.

Moncler Giacche said...
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