Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Fashion Economist loves Lanvin loves H&M

Can't help but love the designer collaborations at H&M. It may be an old concept, but it still works for me! Felt like a crazy shopaholic on the bus with the grandest shopping bags of all (yes, I queued up well before breakfast...). Okay, maybe I am, but I made a good deal, though!:)
Les sacs grands! Love the exclusive feel of the bags, the hangers and the  garment bags.
Never to old to be a princess...

Fit for the festive season?

This skirt may be the most wearable garment of all. The fabric feels very solid. Love it already!

Hm... so what do you think? Keep everything or just some? Definitively need to attend more red carpet events (or arrange my own) to justify my splurge!


Luciana Leal said...

I would take them all :)

I loved the red dress and tule skirt. Take them all hehe


The Fashion Economist said...

Haha! I agree. Even though the tulle dress hardly fits into my closet (it is indeed voluminous!), my inner princess shouts Keep! keep!

julie said...

Ja, hvorfor ikke!! Du får jo snart mer skapplass :)
Og jeg låner gjerne den brune en gang!!