Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today I'm wearing...

Blazer: Tiger (from here). Skirt: H&M. T-shirt: Forever21. Belt: Zara. Ankle boots: Gardenia. Necklace: Memic. 

This! Skirt paired with blazer is my new favorite look for work. I prefer voloumous skirts, as they play up the business look and prevent it from looking too formal. 


FashionistaM said...

Hey! :)
I like the combination and especially with the belt. Nice job. =]


Cinz said...

i love the black suite and grey top along with the belt look:) Alot of ppl been doin that thingie with their belts and i've done so too lately!!!its magical as to what it can do to an outfit eh?;)

Keep up the good work with ur outfit post!



The Fashion Economist said...

FashionistaM: Thanks a lot!

Cinz: The belt works the magic, I know! Especially if you don't want it to look too formal. Thanks for your sweet words. I'll do my best to share my outfit pics:)