Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Winter Coats

Are you buying a new winter coat this year? Then you'd better hit the stores this month. The best stuff sell out quickly, so my best shopping advice is to buy the coat before the cold weather sets in. And one more thing: Always check the label to ensure the wool percentage is at least 75%, or else you will be very cold.

1 .Faux Fur Coat from Topshop, £80
2. Wool Biker Jacket from Topshop, £160
3. Leopard Faux Fur Coat from Topshop, £98
4. Oversized Parka from Acne. EUR300


Shelby said...

I am a big fan of the fur coats! I think they are a stylish and warm look!

Kate said...

What I wouldn't do for some genuine fur coats... but those fake ones look just as good!

The Fashion Economist said...

Shelby: I agree. As long as it's vintage, fur is classic and lovely to wear during the cold months.

Kate: These faux furs looks just as good as the real ones, so feel free to jump on the trend!