Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What to wear to a business event?

Tonight I was going to a special business event. Like any other girl, my focus was on what to wear. I surfed through a few fashion blogs for inspiration, but didn't really find any benchmark outfits. After all, skin tight dresses, harems or military inspired looks would not match well with European top management.
Thus, I opened my closet and let the game begin...
So many clothes, but nothing to wear?

Which shoes to choose?

Skirt or dress?

Alternative 1

Alternative 2

Puh! I'm glad I had for once put in some extra time slack. Exploring your inner closet, playing around with different combinations of outfits is, however, very useful. Even though rushing to the stores for something new seems like the easiest solution to a outfit dilemma, shopping your own closet can sometimes be more rewarding.


Luciana Leal said...

I agree. Sometimes we forget that we can have many nice clothes at our closet :)


The Fashion Economist said...

I know... But personal style is indeed about mixing and matching what you have rather than going for the latest look.