Saturday, September 11, 2010

Best of Italy


Arm candy! Only separated by Siesta... (what's the purpose of keeping all shops closed between One and Five anyway?)

The pool
Top: Bik Bok. Cut-offs: Levi's. Bikini: H&M. Straw bag: Michael Kors. Flip-flops: Havaianas

My off-duty wardrobe



Sunset from the garden

Beautiful Lerici

Ready for dinner.
Dress: H&M. Bag: Botkier. Shoes: Vans (for walking up that Italian hillside)
Looking out at the rain I'm missing this already! Luckily I've got some souvenirs  to keep on to the Italian feeling just a little longer: Italian wine, cheese, olive oil, and balsamic. That was actually the only shopping I did on this trip, which considering my rather extravagant USA tour felt very healthy to my finances... After all, vacation on the Italian countryside is all about gastronomic indulgence, relaxation, and wearing feminine dresses:)


Cin said...

Love ur off duty wardobe:) very scandinavian feel to it.

The Fashion Economist said...

Haha:) I guess my Scandinavian heritage shines through. Leisure outfits are more fun than work wear. For sure:-)

Anonymous said...

Så ut som en herlig ferie:)