Sunday, August 15, 2010

Memories from New York

Yo! Time to share some of my memories from the always fantastic New York City. This was our first stop on our three weeks of fun in the U.S. this summer. Do I even need to tell you it was great?!
Some of the things I did in NYC was:

Shopping! Not just on 5. avenue, but also in Soho, one of my favourite shopping districts.

I was lucky to find this beach bag from Michael Kors on SALE. After a thorough assessment I came to the conclusion that a classic straw bag truly is a good investment. It is like Christmas decoration - never goes out of style! And it will definitively save any summer bag crises for years to come:)

Having dinner (and drinks) at La Esquina

From the outside it looks like any other corner spot. But once you're leaded down the stairs and past the kitchen, a classy Mexican haven is relieved. It used to be a celebrity spotting place, but of course that was before the guidebooks discovered it. Anyway, it is still a cool and unique restaurant worth checking out.

Watching the filming of Gossip Girl! 

No matter how well you plan your sightseeing, the best experiences are those that just happen. Like running into the filming of one of your favourite TV shows. A lot of fancy dressed people in addition to the stars occupied the entire block around the DVF store in the Meetpacking district. Obviously, Chuck is still alive!
Tip: If you don't trust luck, check out the web site On Location Vacation for information about filming locations and events.

Tasting the delights at The City Bakery


... and then leaving for Orlando

Stay tuned for more!


Anonymous said...

New York rocks!

Cindy said...

Hi there:) been reading your blog lately and love ur style!

Looks like u had a great time in NY:) Feel free to drop by my blog if u have time:D Cheers!