Sunday, April 25, 2010

Preparing for Cannes

I'm going to Cannes in less than a week and just can't wait to enjoy some pre-summer sun, fresh sea breeze, and  french riviera glamour!
And of course wearing summer clothes again. As I love dressing up, preparing my holiday wardrobe is a thorough process. To keep the luggage within the 20k limit, the key is to pack items that can be mixed and matched. Don't just pile on with individual favorites. You can base your wardrobe on your fave pink pumps if you like, but if a major part of your tops and dresses are pinkish, you'll probably be better off with a more wearable pair. Thus, think combinations all the way.

I always try on everything before packing my suitcase. It does take a while, but it sure saves you time and energy later. Who wants to spend their vacation worrying about what to wear?
Also, packing is part of the fun and is what gets me in the mood for holiday. I snapped a few pictures of what I consider bringing with me. What do you think?

Dress, blazer and belt from H&M, Chanel bag and suede pumps bought in Paris.

Dress from Voice, Jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch, gladiator sandals from Office.

One shoulder dress: American Apparel, shoes: Miu Miu


Rock'n Roll Ballerina said...

Ah.. Lucky girl!! Nice outfits, love the Miu Miu shoes;)

Anonymous said...

Hvilken størrelse har du på chaneln?
Og pris??

Håper på svar!


The Fashion Economist said...

RRB: Thanks sweetie! I'm so glad the winter is over so I can finally walk tall in my Miu Miu shoes:-)

Christina: Chanelen er i str. jumbo, altså hakket større enn 2.55. Perfekt, spør du meg. Rommer nok til at man kan bruke den til hverdags, samtidig som den heller ikke er for stor for fest. Anbefales!:) Prisen avhenger av hvor du kjøper den og valutakurs. Med synkende eurokurs og lavt pund er det gode tider for å kjøpe en slik veske. Tax free kommer jo også godt med her.

julie said...

Oi, når drar du? Neste mandag allerede?? Jeg vil være med neste gang!!! Digger den svarte kjolen, har alltid vært svak for "en-skulder" plagg...

The Fashion Economist said...

Lørdag! Blir bra:)