Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday's Wear

After going through my closet, sorting out stuff that I'm sure I'll never wear again, I discovered a few things that were worth a revival. This skater skirt by H&M, for instance, had been undeservedly ignored for too long and deserved its second chance.
In general, I find it hard to separate with my clothes. Due to limited storing space, however, I have started selling some (at and giving some away the to charity (Family, fleamarkets or Fretex). But I never give away belts (tend to go in and out of fashion quicker than other things), jewelry, pretty dresses or clothes that bring good memories.

Besides from the revived skirt my outfit today comprise of ballerinas purchased at Century 21 in ew York, vintage scarf from Kiliwatch, and wool blazer from Et Vous (bought at Et Vous Stock in 15 rue de Turbigo, 75002 Paris that sells ends of ranges at rock bottom prices. Worth a visit if you're going to Paris!)


Jms said...

Finfin blazer!!!
Har du ryddet noe til familien sier du, inkluderer det noen godsaker til meg? ;)

The Fashion Economist said...

Takk du! Dersom du anser mine Lee-bukser fra 2001 for å være "godsaker", så ja! ;-)

Jms said...

Hhmm, kanskje ikke så veldig interresant nei... hehe

Womens dresses said...

That skirt looks lovely!