Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Style icon: Alexia Chung

I love Alexia Chung's casual-chic style. The MTV host and former model is not afraid to mix styles or to show off her long bambi legs. Here are a few inspirational pics of some of her well pulled off outfits.

Looking effordlessly chic in a blouse from Chanel, cardigan from j Crew, and jean shorts from Levi's

Give me that sweather dress!

Comfy, but stylish in a top from Kova & T, leggings from les Chiffoniers (love them, but at £500 a pair, I'd better search for high street look alikes), necklace and bracelet by Chan Luu, and her sandals are reportingly picked up from Australia. There you know!

The piles of jewelry really spikes up this outfit.

Hanging out in her apartment in Brooklyn, New York.


Aury said...

where did u get these pics from theyre fabulous and I love her style too!

The Fashion Economist said...

She has a great taste - and a job that provides her with loads of beautiful clothes...
I've found the pictures from different web sites, here and there.