Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Yellow Yellow

Insiped by the nice sunny weather, I go for yellow!

Let the sun reflect your clothes like the woman in this picture by The Sartorialist or bright up your white tee with a plastic pearl necklace like this from Cubus.

This girl from Oslostil wears her yellow perfectly.
The tube dress is available at H&M looks summer bright and will fit just as well at the beach as in the city, depending on how it's styled.

As bright colours come and go in the world of fashion, I would opt for the less expensive high street stores when shopping for yellow. This is a typical summer trend, so there's no need to splurge out on the most exlusive designer wear. H&M, Zara, and Gina Tricot all have plenty of styles that don't ruin your holiday budget:)


The Stiletto Effect said...

What a great yellow dress in the second picture! Love it.
I'm not a girl who really likes to dress in yellow, but love to see that colour on everyone else hehe

The Fashion Economist said...

Yellow makes me happy! However, I prefer to wear it toned down with neutral colours to prevent overload;-)

Be said...

Gult er fint, hun fra oslostilbildet ser superduper bra ut btw.

The Fashion Economist said...

Enig! legg merke til den matchende bunnpris-posen, som dukker opp i bakgrunnen av bildet;)