Friday, June 08, 2007

Chloë Sevigny's Home

Apart from fashion, I love interior design and home styling. Looking inside other's home is thus something I find particularly interesting. Both because it's great for snapping up ideas, and because I'm curious to see how other people live;-)
This article was published in Glamour UK, April-07


Susana Daily said...

This is a great ideia for a post :) I also like interior design and home styling. I like to watch those tv programs about house decoration, etc, and you are right, its great to get new ideas.
Chloe's bathroom is so similar to Carrie Bradshaw's one hehe
Her "Rive Gauche" blouse is lovely, love the colour.
(The Stiletto Effect Girl)

The Fashion Economist said...

I totally agree on the bathroom! Haha!
I also love to mix fashion and home styling - like using your favourite jewelleries as decoration etc.

rollergirl said...

I saw this too. I ADORE that bathroom...

philippine real estate said...

Lovely interiors decoration of the home.

Paula M