Monday, May 28, 2007

Summer Essentials asked five fashion insiders to give their best styling tips for the summer.
They all listed up their key items that would bring your wardrobe up to date. In summary, here's their guidelines:

- Summer dresses with slouching cardigans
- Simple dresses with flat shoes
- Mixing high street with key designer wear
- Tank tops in all lengths with narrow jeans in other colors than blue jean
- white dresses layered with cardigans or a little hoodie and a trench coat.

For the full story, watch the videos at

The clothes in the collage:
1. Shift dress from Club Monaco
2. Duffel coat from DKNY
3. Grey cardigan from Martin + Osa
4. Shirt dress from Steven Alan
5. Henley tee from A.P.C.
6. Narrow jeans from Cheap Monday
7. Sparta sandals from A.P.C. Madras


Susana Daily said...

Love nº 1 dress and like the cardigan (i'm a cardigan's girl)

The Fashion Economist said...

Cardigans - oh, yes! Love them:)

dianabobar said...

Love the gladiator's sandals!