Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I've been tagged...!

I've been tagged by fashionfiles to complete this meme-thing, in which you are supposed to answer certain questions by using illustrations. Hey ho! Here we go:

What are you good at?

What scares you the most?

Who would play you in the movie about your life?

Who are you dreaming of kissing?

What is your dream profession?

Which song would you sing on an audition for Pop Idol?

What's the best thing about your home town?

What would you do if you were the prime minister for one day?

What do you dream about?

How come you're not a celebrity, really?

Puh! That's it!


Hilde said...

Oi, er det bare meg, eller har bildene falt bort i denne posten? Jeg kan ikke se dem.

The Fashion Economist said...

Trykket feilaktig på publiser-knappen før jeg var ferdig! Men nå er bildene på plass. Til slutt...;)

Ladybird said...


Hilde said...

Det var sånn det hang sammen ja! ;-) Artig bilde-serie der du!

The Stiletto Effect said...

Ahhh this is something nice to post!!!
Love your photo answers!!! and couldnt agree more, except for the "Who are you dreaming of kissing?"
I would say Cam Gigandet from The OC (Season 3)! he's just a hottie :P

The Fashion Economist said...

Hilde: Hehe! Jepp, definitivt en morsom greie - kan ikke ta alt like seriøst, da;)

Su: I'll pass it on to you! The OC hot guy? Yeah!