Friday, May 04, 2007

The Fashion Bible

If I can't afford to buy a runway piece, I would always own the entire collection in paperback;)
This fashion bible contains pictures of all collections from the fall/winter 2008 fashion weeks.
130 fashion houses, 2600 looks, 1100 accessories from Paris, Milan, London, and New York - it's all in the book!

I wasn't even aware of its existence, so when I saw this Vogue collection at the News Agent's, I just had to buy it. Definitely great for getting an overview of the fashion picture and to find inspiration.


Be said...

Oitch, den vil også jeg ha. Har du kjøpt den i Norge? Har nemelig ikke spotta den jeg.

The Fashion Economist said...

Kjøpte den på flyplassen i Paris og har heller ikke sett noe linende her hjemme. Hmmm.. kanskje Narvesen?

Ladybird said...

En sann bibel.