Monday, April 16, 2007

Sorting Out Magazines

As these pictures might predict, I'm a magazine junkie. I love flicking through glossy pages of fashion, beauty tips, home decoration, tempting food recipes, health, and financial advice. Moreover, I use these paper covered monthlies as inspiration within most fields.
But because I prefer collecting them as opposed to getting rid of them, my collection tends to pile up.

Still , I had an urge to get some kind of control over the covers, that have seemed to invade a noticeably space of my apartment.
After categorizing my magazines into piles, the "keep-pile", naturally overgrew the "throw-pile", with the "read-through-before-give-way-pile" turning in second.

If you share the equal challenges of throwing magazines, here's my tips to alternative ways of keeping your home from turning into a news stand:

* Tear out the most interesting pages from the magazine and collect them in a scrapbook or a loose-leaf binder categorized after topics (i.e: Fashion, decoration, food, health). This makes it easier to get back to the articles for which you originally was keeping the magazine.

* Hate the idea of your magazines ending up in the bin? Give them away to friends, neighbours, or health institutions for second hand use.

* Make sure to store the ones you want to keep well. Put them in a book shelve (categorized after issues, of course) or put them in dedicated cassettes.


teenvogue said...

Dette kjenner jeg meg igjen i ja!! Ikke lett, ikke lett. Men trenger man så mange ikea kataloger da..? Holder vel med en! Har du forresten kastet de bladene jeg la igjen hos deg?

The Fashion Economist said...

Teen Vogue:) Gamle IKEA-kataloger er jo klenodier! (om tiår, vel og merke...)

Bladene dine har jeg selvsagt lagret...Tenkte å gå gjennom dem, også;-)

Beth said...

GREAT, fun blog! if you ever want any magazines from the US, let me know...we can swap!!

Brandie said...

I would toss the IKEA mags and only keep the most recent issues. They pretty much have the same things each issue.

Hilde said...

Jepp, det der er et tilbakevendende tema her i huset. What to do med alle magasinene. Noe gir jeg bort til venner, andre beholder jeg, men det er ikke til å komme bort fra at de tar opp mye plass. Nå blir det til at jeg stabler på soverummet ;-)

The Fashion Economist said...

Thank you, Beth:) Hope you will continue reading my blog.

Brandie: You have a very good point there... Honestly, I wasn't even aware that I still had them;)

Hilde: Kjenner til stabler på soverommet, ja - hehe.. Brukes bl.a som skammel for veskene mine.

Couture Bowl said...

Seriously I have pounds and pounds of magazines lying around my apartment. I can't bear to part with any of them. Some great suggestions to getting started for us pack rats.

Ladybird said...

Magaholic! den kjenner jeg meg igjen i. Men jeg kaster ikke noe som er glossy og herlig, det setter fint og sirlig i egne beholdere og står på toppen av klesskapet, skal spares på ja! Vil sikkert være veldig moro hvis jeg noen gang skulle få en datter...

The Fashion Economist said...

Ladybird: Miss Organized, altså! Husker jeg kom over noen Bonytt-blader fra 70-tallet hjemme. Veldig artig å beskue boligtrendene på den tiden:D
Nei, jeg får nok lagre sakene i noen tiår til...;)