Friday, February 23, 2007

Sleep Shopping

The funny thing about eBay is that you are actually able to be shopping in your sleep!
While I was getting my beauty sleep last night I won the auction of this angel wing necklace.
Can't wait till the wings come flying into my mailbox:-)

Photo: eBay seller Charmaccessories


coco said...

wow its cute, im alaways a bit weired about ordering from ebay though.

Hope said...

How sweet. Who's it by?

Anonymous said...

Det var skikkelig fint! En engel trenger jo vinger! ;-)


The Fashion Economist said...

Hope: I'm not sure, but I got it from the eBay store called Charmaccessories.

RP: Åh... så søt du er! <3

Zava said...

Var fint ja :D