Monday, February 19, 2007

City Report - Paris

After a weekend of nothing but joy, laughter, and feeling the spring in the air in delightful Paris, today was a true blue Monday... Nonetheless, loaded with shopping finds and new impulses from the fashion paradise, I'll share some of the best with you.

In this dark shop selling vintage clothing and shoes and jeans from April 77 and Cheap Monday, it's easy to find something worth buying.

At 30 euros this bright tulle skirt left the shop with me. The quality feels great and I doubt it's ever been worn.

The belt was found in a small depot-vendre boutique in the Montmartre area and goes with everything.

What a treasury storehouse!

Mamie, situated just south from Montmartre is a three-storeyed vintage store crammed with everything you can imagine of 50's, 60's and 70's stuff: Dresses, coats, boots, shoes, bags, prom dresses and more. This is a place any girl will love and any boyfriend would hate...;)

Vintage boots from Rag

Rag is a small second hand shop near Les Halles, in 83-85 rue St. Martin with a good selection of vintage boots and shoes. I've long been craving for some red ones, and these Gabor boots were comfy and in good condition for a walk home with me:)

Thank you, sweet Ellen SB for recommending these great addresses!:)

Time for lunch!

If you're searching the true French feeling of rococo style, traditional French music and Parisian ladies with small dogs mixed with tasty food and heavenly cakes, Les Cakes de Bertrand needs to be checked out. Not the cheapest eateries, but your palate will not regret it.

...and at last: Never leave Paris without a crêpe with nutella and almonds. Yummy! The pancake is here styled with a silk top from Zara, cardigan from Gina Tricot, jacket from Bruuns Baazar, jeans from April 77, and buckle bag from Chloé.

This list of recommended spots could go on forever, but I chose to stop here. If you need more Paris tips, feel free to contact me by e-mail or add a comment, and I'll LOVE to help :-D


Anonymous said...

Må si det er fin blogg altså! Veldig mange fine antrekk! ;-)
Paris er en flott by!


Ellen SB said...

Flott å se at du fant frem til et par av adressene. Og at du turte å gå inn i Noir Kennedy. Det er emo-land, egentlig må du ha minst 10 barberbladkutt på hver underarm for å gå inn der.

Be said...

Virket som en fin tur og hva er ikke bedre en litt vintageshopping. Vanvittig kult det rosa skjørtet foresten.

The Fashion Economist said...

Ellen: Hehe! Matchet nok ikke helt de svarte sideshavede frisyrene til de ansatte, nei, men kule klær skal de ha for:-)

Be: Ja, Paris er herlig! Skjørtet er faktisk enda finere i virkeligheten, skikkelig fint silkestoff.

Grombaben said...

Åh, nå fikk jeg lyst til å dra til Paris igjen.. Flotte kjøp også:)

Sandra said...

Tack för tipsen! Den där kjolen är så fin! Vill också ha ;-)

The Fashion Economist said...

Takk begge to! Paris er et stort skattkammer - på alle mulige måter;-)

Zava said...

Så utrolig mye snadder du har handlet, oi oi oi! Dewt skjørtet var helt outstanding og de bootsene digget jeg villt.

The Fashion Economist said...

Takk takk, snille Zava! :D

Anonymous said...

Åh! Herregud for en nydelig veske!! Kan jeg spørre hvor mye den kostet?


The Fashion Economist said...

Takk for komplimentet, Marie! Vesken var dyr og deilig, men var heldig og fant den på salg i Paris, så da ble den 60% billigere - og enda deiligere:D

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