Thursday, January 11, 2007

Shoe Shopping!

Very little beats ASOS' seasonal sales. Thus, with further reductions, I couldn't resist some shoe shopping:)

I love ballerina flats, and these silvery ones at just 98 kr will be a winner. Since a woman never can have too many pairs of shoes (and I don't really buy that many, either... Normally...), these in gold and these in copper were also added to my order.

At 480 kr for all, including shipment (to France), I'm pretty sure this was a real shoe scoop:)

Tip! Type in the discount code, "clotheshow", and you'll get an extra 10 percent off.


Zava said...

Røverkjøp :)

Hilde said...

Kjempefine! Jeg skal også ha meg et par sølvsko til våren, det er sikkert.

The Fashion Economist said...

Ikke sant?!
Sølvsko er tingen, enten som pensko eller i sneakers-variant. Så de du blogget om. Fine!