Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Edith is Here

As a novice Net-a-porter-shopper, I must admit I had some doubts before placing my first order for this Chloé Edith handbag. Would there be extra taxes? How was the delivery time? When you put that much into a bag (and it was on sale!), I guess this kind of scepticism is far from abnormal.

However, all concern was set aside, for the web shop handled its business well. From placing my order to delivery it took 4 working days. As the parcel was shipped from the States, that's more than satisfactory to me.

Also, the price given at checkout is the real price and includes both taxes, duties and shipping. In other words, no bad surprises;)

Finally, as a Norwegian customer, I found out that the prices converted in dollars give far more value for money when converted to NOK than as for euros or pounds. Thus, if shopping at Net-a-porter, I advice you to choose the American version of the site.


Anonymous said...

lovely bag. how much did you have to pay in taxes?

The Fashion Economist said...

The taxes were 24 percent, which is the sales tax level in Norway. However, as the American tax was deducted from the original tax, the outcome wasn't that bad.

Zava said...

Supernice, gratulerer :) Neste gang kan du kanskje slippe frakt, sjekk ut dette nettstedet for tips om rabattkoder, gratis shipping etc.

Hilde said...

åå, så fin den var! :)

Helen said...

Ohhhh I have an Edith too - in brown. I love it. The leather gets a lovely worn in look after a while which is really beautiful. It's definitely one of my fav Chloe bags around at the moment. I nearly bought another one off when they had a white one - it was marked down a little, hence why it was so tempting!!

Love your blog by the way - do you want to swap links?

The Fashion Economist said...

Thank you!
Great with bags that only get more beautiful by age, like the Edith.
I checked out your blog, and it's really great! (Looks like we share the passion for handbags:)).

Anyways, I've added you to my link list. Hope you'll do the same.

Anonymous said...

Kunne du velge den amerikanske versjonen av net-a-porter og få sendt veska til Norge??? For meg ser det ut som om man må velge den internasjonale siden for å få sendt varene til Europa, og da blir prisen oppgitt i euro eller pund???


The Fashion Economist said...

Hei du!
Jeg valgte den amerikanske versjonen, noe som ga bedre pris enn pund gjør. Det fungerte i hvertfall da jeg bestilte. Vesken kom på under en uke - fra New York.

Lykke til:)