Monday, December 04, 2006

Duty Free ASOS Shopping:)

After been craving for this leather and 18 ct gold bracelet from CC Skye for months I finally decided to go for it. As I managed to get 35 % off the price wasn't too bad, and it's really really lovely!
By addressing the delivery to my boyfriend in Paris I also avoided the very annoying import duty:)
I think I will do this more often. Suddenly Internet shopping became less restricted an more fun!


Rolf Petter said...

Wow! Yoy boyfriend seems like a nice guy! I love your outfits and christmas decorations! Cozy! Keep up the good work!

The Fashion Economist said...

Jup! He's the best=)

Hilde said...

Cc Skye-smykkene er kule. Har Asos` budsjettvariant i rødt.

Anonymous said...

I got this tip from the fashion site:

You have a $100 import allowance to USA, but if you change your name from Ms Smith to Mr and Mrs Smith - then you get $200!

Oh, and they offer Tax Free shopping and have a strange US Dollar Sterling conversion rate - don't think they've updated it recently - as it looks too cheap.

Asos does have a bigger range though (esp on jewellery), but I've bought some cute stuff from Discoo this year - we have matching his and hers Rolling Stone tops! *grins*