Wednesday, December 06, 2006

H&M Delivery!

Here is the result and the review of my first H&M online shopping experience.

Grey kashmir sweater
: I love the soft quality and the fact that it doesn't itch at all. The style is classic, not so long as I thought, but it can still be worn with a belt or a silk band for a more defined look. A great basic piece to my wardrobe.

Light pink balloon skirt:
Flat packed it looked horrible, like a stuffed away rain coat. However, after a few shakes and some ironing, it transformed into the skirt I remembered from the web shop picture. The quality is a bit stiff, but definitely worth its 99 kr.

Black cardigan:
The puffed sleeves and the silk band make this cardigan stand out from the crowd of black cardigans. The quality is light and delicate. Great to be worn over formal tops or dresses.

I can't wait to match these new items with my wardrobe=)


The fashion ballerina said...

Ser veldig bra ut! Vil ha den jakka jeg.. hmm;)

The Beauty Box said...

Da har jeg bestemt meg, en grå kasjmit genser fra HM står på min ønskeliste i år ;-)

ambika said...

I love the wedges you have on in the second shot (as well as the great H&M buys.) Where did you get those?

The Fashion Economist said...

Thank you! The wedges are from the Danish designer, Merete Fonnesberg. I found them in a small shop in Oslo, and since they were they were the last pair, I got them really cheap! (99kr = 16 dollar)

Kine=) said...

Så utrolig fine klær! ;) Skjørtet aatt veldig fint på deg!