Thursday, November 09, 2006 I went to H&M

I didn't line up for the morning rush, but I couldn't resist to pay an afternoon visit to check out the Victor & Rolf collection launched today at H&M.
As expected, the key items, like the pink skirt, the shirts and the trenches were all sold out, but I did find some nice pieces.
The underwear was lovely, pure silk. Mmm!
The dress looked nice in the store, but trying it at home, I'm a bit unsure of it. On the on hand, it will be perfect for work and day time use, on the other hand it tends to look a bit "old lady-like". What say you?


Julie said...

Så det var noe igjen til deg og;) Så på den toppen jeg og, kjempesøt!
Kjolen er jo noe spesiell, men syns den var kul på deg.

"I love you two...too"

Fashion.Faux.Pas said...

I say you look divine in that dress! I wouldn't return it... You could always vvamp it up with some colours. Red!

The Fashion Economist said...

Thanks both of you! And FFP, I think you're right about the red. I'll absolutely try it out:)