Sunday, November 26, 2006

Recycled Candles

I love candle lights and usually light a few every night. However, when the candle is burned down, I always end up with a lump of left over paraffin wax. Instead of throwing it, this can easily be brought into new light.

What you need
Left over Paraffin wax
Wicks (can be bought at pharmacies and in DIY shops, like Panduro.
Glassware (like these from IKEA or old jam jars)
Old casserole
Vanilla extract, cinnamon or potpourri (optional)

How to do it
Melt the wax in a casserole, add some scent of your choice, and pour the liquid into glassware. Add the wick and let set (this takes only 10-15 minutes).

Voilà! Your recycled candle is ready to be lighted - or wrapped into gift paper as a Christmas gift:)


Fashion.Faux.Pas said...

nicely done!!

Hilde said...

Hey! God idé! Jeg brenner også mye lys, men kaster alle rester. Kanskje jeg skal prøve meg på dette.. :)

The Fashion Economist said...

Det var i hvert fall overraskende enkelt! Lykke til =)

JoEllen said...

OK Im not good at crafts but this I think I can do. thanks
But for those like me I bought a great Kathy Ireland Jardin du Jour candle at Walgrrens that when finished turns intoa flower vase love IT!