Monday, November 06, 2006

Paris Snapshots

Paris is said to be the City of Love, and with its beautiful surroundings it's no wonder why.

Here is some of my personal recommendations:

Best shopping area: Around Les Halles, for instance Rue St. Honoré, Rue Tiquitonne, Rue de Jour etc. Just walk around, and you'll find small cute shops with clothes, shoes and aaccessories that make your credit card go crazy...!

Best boulangerie: Paul's will not disappoint your palate and is found all over the city.

Best macrons: Ladurée at Champs-Élysées and St. Germain serves the most delicious macrons I've ever ever tasted (and the first!). Their relatively expensive, but you will not regret.

Best romantic garden is above all the wonderful Jardin de Luxembourg

Best dinner deal and my favourite so far is the pittoresque "Pot de Terre" in a small rue close to Rue Mueffetard. Here you'll get three meal menus for 20 euros including wine and a cosy atmosphere

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Fashion.Faux.Pas said...

søte bilder!! ser at du har hatt det bra i paris