Thursday, November 30, 2006

Calendar Time

Tomorrow is 1Th December and time to start the countdown to Christmas.
Have you got your calendar yet? If not, sign up to these Internet offers.

Here are only a few to choose between:

SAS/Braathens Travel Calendar: Daily offers on airplane tickets makes this calendar worth subscribing to. Last year I booked a return ticket to Shanghai for as little as 3300 NOK!

Apotek1's Christmas Calendar: Sign up here and get the chance to win great prizes everyday until the 24Th.

Det Nye's Christmas Calendar: Here you can win great prizes like skin care products, make-up, clothes, and digital cameras. However, to enter the contest you need a code that can be found in the latest issue of the magazine. If anyone knows the code, feel free to share the information:)

How do you count down to Christmas?


Hilde said...

Det Nye-kalenderen har 24 kodeord, en for hver dag! :) Første kode er "Balenciaga", og premien er et parfymesett fra motehuset. Hm..nå tror jeg at jeg må følge med på denne, takk for tips!

The Fashion Economist said...

...og takk for kodeordet! Lykke til i kalenderkonkurransen:)

Hilde said...

I lige måde, T.F.E! :)